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Mathew Blacks90

Dark Souls 3 – only 12 days remained 

I know today is April Fools’ Day, but this is not a joke. Dark Souls 3 will be launched on 12 April and From Software have already presented the trailer of the game (keep in mind that you need to be over 18 in order to be able to watch the trailer).

Dark Souls 3 – True Colors of Darkness will be launched in 12 days and it will be available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (I am so thrilled that just recently I have purchased PS 4). Also, another good thing is the fact that those who have one of the previous game, will get a discount at preorder - start to play.

But until we can play Dark Souls 3, I am going to speak a little bit about Dark Souls 2 since this one was the one I liked the most.

So, Dark Souls 2 starts with an introduction movie that presents a pretty boring story - see list of details here. Right from the beginning you will know that the main characters are dragons, gods and humans, but that it is pretty much that you will know.

The dragons were controlling the earth, underground humanoid beings that have discovered fire and were unified by gods who had acquired a huge powers from the source of that fire – the humanity.

And so starts the war between humans and dragons. Despite the fact that human can be easily killed, they actually can fight pretty good since they are helped by a mortal dragon which was jealous on his brothers because it didn’t had that power. So, he decided to give all the dragons’ secrets to humans and to help them to defeat the rest of the dragons. At the moment the humans are safe and the live happy since the life flame is not everlasting, and soon the humanity will be entering in an era of darkness where the soul and life flame will stop to exist. Gods are trying with all their powers to bring back the initial flame, but they fail.

Yeah, yeah, great story, right? You certainly want to find out what is your role in this game. So, you are a simple human being who has died, you have a body without soul or humanity – you are a Hollow. You are free and send by a knight who is still human, but dying , to become The Chosen Undead, the human being who has the power to bring back the flame of humanity.

Great story, great role – trust me this is a game that needs to be played and need to be savor. Just try it and then you can tell me your point of view.


Dark Souls 3